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Did you ever get sick eating the local food?

We are both adventurous eaters, and, as most travelers find out quickly, if you eat like a local you will save big time! Street food, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and the local markets were not off limits to us at all, and we never had to hail to the porcelain king for it. I (Bree) only got sick one time, when I made a bad decision to buy jello in these little baggies being sold on the street by a cute little Bolivian girl. I know that you normally have to boil water to make jello, so I thought that I would be fine, and she was too cute to pass up. Twenty-four hours later, I was a mess for another twenty-four hours more. It was one of those decisions that I made where I could not quite compute the risk to reward, and I definitely paid for it. 

What was your favorite place in South America?

Did you ever feel unsafe traveling in South America?